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Timesheets for the construction industry

Addelink provides quick and efficient time entry possibilities for your construction workforce. Our platform saves you time and headaches by ensuring proper automatic timesheet creation.

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Timesheet creation, made easy.

  • Mobile punch stations

  • Onsite punch stations

  • Workorder and daily report creation

  • Workflow approval process

  • Automatic timesheet creation

Any of our three time entry possibilities can generate paperless workorders or daily reports. Mobile punch stations, fixed punch stations, or direct work order creation on a web-based platform, allow time tracking for deskless employees. This improves payroll issues by minimizing administrative approval processes and generate automatic timesheets.

Step 1 : Simple Employee Login

Step 2 : Punch in your time entries

Step 3 : Workflow Approval Process

Step 4 : Automatic Timesheet Creation

Mobile Punch Station Entries

  • Individual employee accounts

  • All device compatible

  • Punched hours, brakes and lunch time

  • Add equipment and materials

  • Single mobile punch solution

All employees have access to their own account, accessible from any device. All they are required to do, is to select the start date, break and lunch time. If required, the project task can be selected, as well as fees, equipment and material. Addelink becomes thus the simple punch solution for everyone.
If needed a fixed punch station, is also available. Your employees can use our scan station module from any device, directly form our web-based platform.

Scan Stations Entries

  • Fixed scan station

  • Can be setup on any device

  • Real-time connection to web-based platform

Work Order Entries

  • Direct work order time entries

  • Add materials, equipments, fees and more

  • Easy mobile Daily reports to work orders conversion and approvals.

Employee or foreman work orders generate also time entries for all workforces. They generate the final means to automatic time sheets, after workflow approval process is confirmed. 
Addelink also include approbation workflow so your Foreman can approve worker's timesheets before it end up at the office.


  • Data verification by supervisor

  • Eliminates errors for timesheet creation

  • 3 Sources of entries that can be validated

  • Simple employee data input

  • Personalized approval access 

Time Sheets

  • Automatic timesheet creation

  • Intuitive, ergonomic presentation

  • Automatic update upon any informational changes

  • Web, PDF and XLS available views

See exactly the data you need to visualize due to timesheets summary filters. Data can also be imported by your present utilized software, in .pdf or .xls formats. Simple mobile supervisor approvals of time entries, automatically generate daily time sheets upon workflow approval.

Knowing tomorrow is another day, our platform can allow you to get exact, approved, real-time entries to generate daily payroll timesheets or instant invoicing for your workforce or third party service providers.

Addelink, as your new workforce management system, closes the gap between field and office and gives you exact projects insight to close today's activities today and start fresh tomorrow.

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