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Platform 4.0

Streamline and optimize your daily operations

Addelink is a proven daily operations management system. Our configurable platform empowers you to digitize everyday tasks, manage and budget projects, approve various time entry types, manage payroll for employees and third parties, and streamline invoicing.

Addelink provides both old and new clients with specific module development solutions and offers multiple types of licenses for various module usage possibilities. Let us assist you in choosing the right existing modules for your application, or customize a solution to meet your unique needs. With Addelink, you've found your reliable partner for digital operational excellence.

Advantages that our system has to offer

Optimization of your operations

With Addelink, avoid working in isolation and leverage the power of real-time data from your management tools. Plan and budgetize your project and allow yourself the chance to respect your initial quote or bid.

Data processing

Reduce information processing time with an automated task management system and create information highways between sites and offices.


This platform does not require any change in your daily tasks, since Addelink can adapt to your management tools.

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Decision-making made easy, save time and money

Minimize change management and improve the quality and speed of your decision-making. Optimize your operations with Addelink and avoid working in isolation while you leverage the power of your data from your management tools.

Real-time analysis

Track the time and costs allocated to different activities in real time and adjust your operations on the spot.

Real-time data, dashboards

Addelink delivers real-time operational monitoring to help you make better decisions and increase the efficacy and efficiency of your company's activities. This management platform adapts to your existing management tools and improves the consistency of your key performance metrics (KPIs).

Optimize your processes

Optimize information processing time, reduce the risk of errors and highlight protocol gaps in your internal and external operations.

Maximize access to acurate information

Facilitate monitoring and communication between the various stakeholders in the field.

Leverage the power of your data

Personalize your scoreboards to receive a comprehensive overview of your actions.

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Plan your projects and workorders

Streamline project management with our specialized software workforce planner. Easily link work orders to projects, ensuring efficient allocation of tasks and resources. Benefit from simplified project tracking, enhanced organization, and seamless collaboration. Improve productivity, minimize delays, and stay on top of project deadlines with our intuitive and focused solution.

Plan maintenance projects on your assets

Optimize equipment maintenance projects effortlessly with our software workforce planner. Reduce downtime, extend equipment life, and enhance overall operational efficiency with our user-friendly solution.


Technology at your Fingertips


Addelink is a customizable construction operations and project management system designed to meet the specific needs of the construction industry. We improve the efficiency of your activities by managing your workforce, equipment, and materials, budgetable project dashboards. Therefore, this gives you reliable key performance indicators (KPIs), easy workorder generation, daily invoicing, and proper automatic time sheet population.


Addelink is a business administration platform that may be customised as well as a real-time operational monitoring solution. We increase the efficiency of your operations by controlling your labour, equipment, and materials, and providing budget-friendly project dashboards. This provides you with accurate key performance indicators (KPIs), simple workorder generation, daily billing, and accurate automatic time sheet population.


The powerful mobile application Myoctans allows your mobile teams to monitor and validate operational processes, create real-time punch clock entries, daily reports, work orders, and various health and safety forms.

Our team can adapt our solution to your specific tools and needs, for which we can offer ‘’turnkey’’ integration, allowing you to leave your workforce to your profitable daily activities.

Product features

Some of Our Features

Available Modules, Sub-Modules, and Functionalities:


Project Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your projects. All projects are easily budgetable, adjustable, and reportable in real-time for accurate cost spending on workforce, materials, or equipment.


Time Sheets

Simple approvals of employee time entries, automatically generate daily time sheets upon workflow approval.



Whether you desire to invoice standard service calls or just a portion of your long-term contract, Addelink simplifies invoicing for work orders, projects, or purchase orders.


Purchase Orders

Supplier or client purchase orders can be easily created and tracked. Proactive control of your capital project spending is key to a project’s profitable outcome.

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Time entries and approvals

Time entry sub-module allows to modify and approve all time entries provided from punches, daily reports or workorders on a single page.

Receptions & receipts management

Our integrated reception and receipts modules streamline project-related transactions, efficiently linking them to projects or purchase orders.

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Work Orders

Generate paperless work orders on site and immediate invoicing for major projects or daily service calls, all confirmed by clear and simple approval workflows.



Understand what gets spent, and where. Generate extensive reporting for all your projects, purchase orders, tasks, employees, equipment, or materials.


Punch Station

Convenience of onsite or mobile punch stations, Addelink provides easy and convenient task punch options to avoid obsolete timecards.



Quote workforce, equipment, and materials to ensure proper pre-approved project bugeting.



The adept project planner seamlessly links work orders to projects, ensuring streamlined coordination and efficient project management.

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Inventory Management

Our employee-specific modules enable precise time sheet creation, ensuring accurate tracking of individual work hours.


Cindy Dallaire

The Invoicing module allows me to include all the items I wish to. Properly invoicing daily is now just seconds in the making.


Olivier Gélinas

Adaptable reports makes our everyday tasks a much faster to complete.

What users have to say

What users say

All Features available, find the package that bests suits your sector or industry needs.

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  • Sales

  • Quotes

  • Proposals


  • Purchases

  • Purchase request

  • Purchase orders

  • Receipts

  • Receptions

  • HS&E

  • Take 5

  • Site visit report

  • Operations

  • Daily Reports

  • Time Entries

  • Workorders

  • Projects

  • Forms

  • Working Employees

  • Punch

  • Schedules

  • Planner

  • Process

  • Production Report

  • Human Resources

  • Personal Time Entries

  • Employees

  • Bonuses

  • Teams

  • Rate Categories

  • Professions

  • Vacations

  • DPSP

  • Taxable Benefits

  • Expense Accounts

  • Finances

  • Clients

  • Providers

  • Equipments/Tools

  • Materials

  • Fees

  • Reports

  • Invoicing

  • Time Sheets

  • Locations

  • Inventory mgt.

  • Transfers

  • Documentation

  • Accounting Activity Accounts

  • Construction Specifications

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