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Client Project Manager - Front End

Role: The client project manager - front end, specializing in React is responsible for developing and improving user interfaces on established platforms, using the React library to ensure an optimal user experience, maintain application consistency, and efficiently integrate new features.



Continuous Development and Improvement:

  • Develop new features and components in React for existing platforms.

  • Enhance existing functionalities to improve efficiency and user experience.


Integration with Established Systems:

  • Ensure the front-end interface integrates with existing back-end systems and APIs.

  • Maintain compatibility and integration with other parts of the platform.


Performance Optimization:

  • Analyze and improve the performance of React applications on established platforms.

  • Use advanced React techniques to optimize rendering and state management.


Application State Management:

  • Use Redux, MobX, or Context API to efficiently manage state across the platform.


Application Security:

  • Strengthen application security by implementing React-specific secure coding practices.

  • Prevent common vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security standards.


Testing and Maintenance:

  • Conduct regular testing to ensure the stability and reliability of React components.

  • Update components to align with the latest React versions and industry best practices.Collaboration with Technical Teams:

  • Collaborate with back-end developers, UI/UX designers, and product managers to align goals and features.

  • Actively participate in code reviews and brainstorming sessions to continuously improve code quality.

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